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RCA, Backstage Communication and Hibou in first independent Benelux network of experts in financial communication

September 16, 2020

"The combination of thethree agencies creates a result-oriented service for clients within the Beneluxand at the same time allows us to respond quickly. Our specialists speak theclient's language and provide clear strategic advice to protect and build theclient's reputation and corporate story," says Gunther De Backer ofBackstage Communication.  


As a specialized network incorporate, financial and capital market communications, Finance Finest respondsto clients' need for fast and efficient advice and communication. This ofteninvolves factors other than purely financial ones: the employer-employeerelationship, the relationship with the various stakeholders, the position ofor within the sector, any legal aspects, the specific context, etc. It is importantto take all this into account when drawing up the communication strategy. Afterall, an IPO requires a different approach than a restructuring; announcing anacquisition follows different rules than communicating the annual figures.


Communication is crucial


In recent months, it hasbecome more clear than ever that good corporate and financial communicationwith media and stakeholders is crucial for companies. After all, it's no longerabout simply 'reporting' figures. It is strategic communication. In today'seconomic landscape, companies need to link expertise to leadership and socialrelevance. The right tone of voice, transparency and control over the messageare essential for a company's image and therefore the perception that canarise.


"We know the local insand outs of the markets in which we operate. This enables us to tell a storythat is relevant to every market," says Hibou founder Matthijs Rutten."That translation is crucial for your credibility: you can't tell the samestory in Belgium and the Netherlands and Luxembourg.”


Every expert at Finance Finesthas at least fifteen years of relevant experience with international projectsin M&A, crisis communication, IPOs, media strategy, CSR, annual reporting,etc. The strength of the network lies in the bundling of expertise: thespecialists from RCA (Belgium), Backstage Communication (Belgium + Luxembourg)and Hibou (the Netherlands) ensure that every client can sleep on both ears.




Preparing organisations for the world of tomorrow


"Our seasoned experts areat home in the financial market and know the various sectors through andthrough, from petrochemicals to biotech and pharma to many other industries.Finance Finest is living proof of our commitment to guide clients through thecrisis communicatively today and prepare them for tomorrow's world",concludes partner of RCA Bruno Leyssens.


The Benelux is the first stepfor Finance Finest. In the long term, the network aims to work togetherthroughout Europe in order to be able to support clients in an even broaderway.




Bruno Leyssens

+32 473 695 105

Gunther De Backer

+32 4 7590 3909

Matthijs Rutten

+31 6 4496 1881