First independent Benelux network of experts in financial communications

Financial communications is not just reporting data, it has become a crucial strategic instrument in a company’s relation with its stakeholders. Often, these companies are active in the whole of the Benelux. That’s why RCA, Backstage communications and Hibou have joined forces.

About Finance Finest

Uniting Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg senior experts in financial and corporate communications in one strong network, Finance Finest guarantees professional and expert communicatie support and advise.

Efficient experts

Financial and corporate communications have become even more crucial in the current economic landscape where companies are looked at for leadership and social purpose. We help you find the right tone of voice and ensure your control your messaging to make sure you're building the image you need.

In every situation

Together we determine the right communication strategy. Quick, efficient and taking into account all different parameters. Things like financial aspects, employer-employee relation or legal implication all have their specific impact on our approach. Always tailored to the context. An IPO requires completely different communication tactics compared to announcing a restructuring or communication annual results.


Corporate PR

Tell the companies’ stories in your own words, in good times or in bad. Talk to your stakeholders. Make sure your message gets across to those people who really need to hear it.

Crisis communications

We prepare you for any crisis by developing plans and training your team. We are at your side to guide you through difficult times. It’s all about protecting your reputation.

Media training

Talking to the media is never informal, it’s never ‘just conversation’. We’ll make sure you feel comfortable talking to journalists. We'll teach you how to stay in control of the interview thanks to some effective techniques, some do’s and a lot of don’ts and the right body language.

Digital marketing

Social media and influencers have become an undeniable element in every PR plan. We have the knowledge and experience, and the right network to set up a successful digital marketing strategy, in line with all other elements in your PR strategy.

Internal communications

It goes without saying (or at least, it should) that corporate PR and internal communications go hand in hand. Your employees are perhaps your most important group of stakeholders. So, everything you tell the outside world, you should tell your collaborators first. Always. No exceptions.


We can reach the best possible PR-results by delivering strong and relevant information and data to media and stakeholders. Our focus is always gathering telling newsworthy stories.

Starting from a strong monthly editorial board that includes not just comms-people but also experts and C-level to ensure we get the right information and necessary insights.

Every day we're in close contact and keeping in touch with your context. This means we monitor on a daily basis and use news as a trigger for own news and creative communications.

Role of PR

PR is key in becoming and staying top of mind with your relevant audiences. Positioning yourself in the market through news, top topicals and stories connected to a local context.

There's a definite complementarity between PR and marketing but they serve different purposes. Commercial messages are not acceptable of relevant for media. While marketing drives your commercial funnel, pr build reputation and brand preference.

The experts

Bruno Leyssens

Bruno Leyssens

+32 473 695 105

Head of RCA PR for the past 18 years. Bruno is an expert in strategic advice, consumer communications and reputation management

Jochem Goovaerts

Jochem Goovaerts

+32 478 205 307

Jochem has over 20 years of experience, mainly as a spokesperson for both corporates and government. His expertise lies in crisis communication, media training and corporate communication.

Gunther De Backer

Gunther De Backer

+32 475 903 909

With over 20 years of experience in financial and corporate communications consultancy, Gunther knows all the ins and outs of the financial, industrial and technology industry. He is an expert in crisis communication management, external communication and media relations.

Olivier Duquaine

Olivier Duquaine

+32 477 50 47 84

A PR expert with over 2 decades of experience. Olivier's focus lies in press and external relations, spokemanship and financial and crisis communications.

Matthijs Rutten

Matthijs Rutten

+31 6 4496 1881

Matthijs has more than 15 years of experience in public relations. Besides an expert in press and external relations and a strong spokesman, you can consider Matthijs to be a financial and crisis communications powerhouse.



Extra, extra, read all about it! We've got some news to share with you. Below you can find a combination of press releases, insights, cases,...and so on. Happy reading.

RCA, Backstage Communication and Hibou in first independent Benelux network of experts in financial communication


Finance Finest unites Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg specialists in financial and corporate communication. This new network guarantees companies professional and targeted financial communication expertise in all possible circumstances.

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